Raspberry pi Camera

How to Stream live video through a Raspberry Pi (Wireless)

Initiation :

Make sure you have an OS(any Raspberry OS) installed on your SD card. Turn on your device establish a wireless internet connection to your device. 

You must purchase a Webcam or if you have one connect it to your device.

Turn ON the device.

Configuration :

  • Login to your device through PuTTY. (Through PC)
  • Now you need to install Camera Packages to your device.
  • Click this link and follow the steps as given in the Website.

  • Now make sure the Indicator on the Webcam glows.

  Here's a video :

Output : 

You can pick any smart device and type your Raspberry's IP address and Port number on Google Chrome or any other Web browser and you will be able to see the live video on the screen. (This is Possible only if your devices are connected on the same Network)


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